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Steves Freeze-Dried Raw Nuggets

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Steves Freeze-Dried Raw Nuggets

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Steve's FD Raw Diets

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Steve's Freeze-Dried Raw Diets

The freeze-dried versions of Steve’s are identical (with the exception of moisture content) to Steve’s raw frozen formulas and can be served as a complete and balanced meal. They are also much easier to ship and travel with. The convenient nugget size allows you to use these as either a balanced meal, or as a treat. The packages have an unopened shelf life of over a year.

After opening, if the product is in a sealed container and kept in the refrigerator it will last for up to two weeks, and up to a month if kept in a freezer. The food is produced in the same way as Steve's frozen products are prepared with the addition of freeze dry the product before packaging. The food spends several days in a vacuum chamber where the pressure is so low that ice sublimes directly to water vapor. When the process is finished, 97% of the moisture in the product is gone, without heat-treating of any kind.

The package is a foil pouch designed to keep oxygen and other oxidizing spoilants out. With a small oxygen absorbers (those small squares you should not eat) to each pouch, which soaks up any residual oxygen in the bag. Steve’s Freeze-Dried foods are perfect for traveling and camping with your pets. Plus, their cat food is priced competitively with premium canned cat food on a serving-per-serving basis


Available in the following:


For Dogs:

Steve's Freeze-Dried Chicken

Steve's Freeze-Dried Beef

Steve's Freeze-Dried Pork

For Cats:

Steve's Freeze-Dried Chicken & Salmon

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Country of Manufacture United States
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